NESTLADY Alaska Sea Cucumber & South American Fish Gum Combination Gift Box

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Alaska Sea Cucumber & South American Fish Gum Combination Gift Box

About Alaska Sea Cucumber & South American Fish Gum 


Alaska Sea Cucumber is from Alaska ice water area. Live in low temperature environment, and low temperature slow down sea cucumber's growing speed. Storage the most nutrition in the Alaska Sea Cucumber.Very high nutritional value. Can stir-fried vegetables, soup to eat. To help the body enhance immunity, resistance to supplement the skin loss of collagen. 

Fish gum is a kind of fish products with rich in gel and famous.also known as fish belly. Fish gum is to remove from the fish belly by cut and dried into a rich protein. Also can be a food therapy

How To Use

  1. First rinse off the salt on the sea cucumbers surface and the sand inside its cavity thoroughly. Be gentle: the sea cucumber could fall apart while cooking if its membrane is broken at this stage.
  2. Soak the sea cucumber in clean water for two days, changing water every day. The sea cucumber cant be in contact with any salt or oil until it gets soft. Some of the new available varieties take longer to soften. You can adjust the soaking time based on the situation.
  3. Slowly cook the soaked sea cucumber in boiling water for 20 to 30 minutes. Turn off the heat afterwards, cover and let cool. Cut it open and remove the organs inside. If the sea cucumber still feels hard, repeat the boiling process for two or three times, until it turns completely soft.
  4. Cook the sea cucumber as desired or store it in the freezer once it cools down. In terms of cooking, the lightly flavoured sea cucumber should be paired with something that has a strong taste. Braising with spring onions, dried shrimp roe or abalone sauce is a more manageable option at home.
    1. Fish gum need to be soaking in water overnight
    2. Fish gum may add in to soup and cook 3-4hrs
    3. Fish gum may cook with dish after boil with water about 30mins

Keep in dry, cool place and avoid direct sunlight


If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs please consult with your doctor before using this.

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