NESTLADY African Fish Gum Tube 30g

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Fish gelatin is primarily composed of premium collagen protein, replenishing the daily loss of collagen in the skin.

Benefits: Anti-wrinkle, eliminating crow's feet and nasolabial folds, filling the apple muscle, whitening, and nourishing the skin.

Fish gelatin has a protein content of up to 84.2% and only 0.2% fat, so consuming it will not cause weight gain.

Suitable for: Women, expectant mothers before and after childbirth, men, children, the elderly, and those who stay up late.

Usage: Soak in water for 24 hours, cook in chicken soup or other high-tang broth, and consume 1-2 pieces daily. For those who stay up late, it is recommended to eat with milk and bird's nest before bedtime. The next day, the skin will be crystal clear, fair and rosy, with no dark circles or eye bags.

African Fish Gum Tube

About African Fish Gum Tube


Fish gum is a kind of fish products with rich in gel and famous.also known as fish belly. Fish gum is to remove from the fish belly by cut and dried into a rich protein. Also can be a food therapy

How To Use

  1. Fish gum need to be soaking in water overnight
  2. Fish gum may add in to soup and cook 3-4hrs
  3. Fish gum may cook with dish after boil with water about 30mins

Keep in dry, cool place and avoid direct sunlight.


If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs please consult with your doctor before using this.

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