NESTLADY Three-piece combination old ginger slice 45g + brown sugar 150g + motherwort 20g relieve dysmenorrhea and detox

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  • Old ginger slice:Among the healthiest spices on the planet. Contains gingerol, a substance with powerful medicinal properties. Effective against exercise-induced muscle pain
  • Brown sugar:Four flavors, 18 processes, pure hand-made by ancient methods
  1. Motherwort brown sugar: the best choice for dysmenorrhea and confinement maintenance

  2. Rose brown sugar: enriching blood, eliminating fat and clearing intestines

  3. Ginger Brown Sugar: Warm Palace, Detox  

  4. Osmanthus brown sugar: the fragrance is overflowing, relieve fatigue; detox and nourish women's menstrual period. Brew 1-2 cups a day to relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

  • Motherwort:help protect against several conditions, including cancer, arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s

Three-piece combination

About Three-piece combination

Old ginger slice:People typically use fresh or dried ginger in cooking, and some take ginger supplements for their possible health benefits. Antioxidants and other nutrients in ginger may help prevent or treat arthritis, inflammation, and various types of infection , potential to reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, and other health problems. Ginger help recover from a cold or the flu, and reduce stress.

Brown sugar:Brown sugar is a kind of sucrose that has not been highly purified, rich in sugar and minerals. It can accelerate the metabolism of skin cells, provide energy for cells, supplement nutrients, and promote regeneration. The brown sugar contains unique natural acids and pigment regulating substances, which can effectively regulate various pigment metabolism processes and balance the amount of pigment secretion and pigment distribution in the skin. Reduce abnormal accumulation of local pigments. Because of the high nutritional value of brown sugar, it is suitable for all ages. Black sugar water helps women's menstruation smoothly. Drinking hot brown sugar water can warm the body, increase energy, activate blood and blood circulation, and speed up blood circulation. Menstruation will also be smoother. If a woman has problems with poor menstruation and abdominal pain, as long as the day before menstruation begins, Until the third day of the menstrual period, it can play the role of promoting blood circulation. Older people and children can supplement calcium, which is a drink for all ages.

Motherwort:Motherwort is an herb in the mint family. It is used as a remedy for female reproductive disorders. For instance, it's purported to help regulate menstrual periods, especially when someone is anxious or tense. Motherwort has been used for thousands of years to treat various conditions, including heart disease, anxiety, and irregular menstruation. 

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