NESTLADY Dried Black Locust Flower Tea 5g

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  • Calms stomach burns
  • Helpful in easing digestion
  • Treatments of asthma and bronchitis
  • Calming Stress and Headache 
Dried Black Locust Flower Tea

About Dried Black Locust Flower Tea


Black locust - Robinia pseudoacacia - In mid spring, the intoxicating odor of flowering Black locusts adorn the streets and wilderness in blankets of sweet honey musk. A smell that can cause people to wander around staring skywards looking for the source that rains such loveliness on them. Black locust are wonderful trees, fast growing hardwood great for soil retention, open enough for birds to play in while baffling sunlight for reprieve on a hot day. Their bright green coin shaped leaves fan out and flicker in the wind, with blackened reticulating bark and clusters of fine white flowers draping down.

The flavours of a black locust are wonderful, fresh and raw, they have a summer pea like flavour; premature flowers will even have a similar bite feel.

The flowers are antispasmodic, aromatic, diuretic, emollient and laxative. They are cooked and eaten for the treatment of eye ailments. The flower is said to contain the antitumor compound benzoaldehyde. The inner bark and the root bark are emetic, purgative and tonic.


How To Use

brewing with boiling water and wait for 2-3mins


Keep in dry, cool place and avoid direct sunlight


This Product is not recommended to pregnant women and Diabetic 

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