NESTLADY Redartfulplumtea Tea 15g

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  • Strengthen the spleen and stomach,reduce inflammation.
  • Improve immunity, beauty.
  • Lowering internal heat and nourishing the blood, effective against pigmentation and acne. 
  • Calming the mind, preventing the formation of stones, and eliminating bad breath.
  • This product has a warm nature and is suitable for both men and women of all ages.

Redartful Plum Flower, is produced in the southwestern frontier of China and is a must-have tribute to the Imperial Family in the past. The red and bright plums brewed in boiling water, the flower shape stretches, the view is pleasing to the eye, and the heart is refreshing. 

Redartful Plum helps regulate endocrine disorders, relieve stagnation, reduce blood, strengthen the spleen and stomach, pass meridians, reduce inflammation, and remove ecchymoses. It has obvious curative effect on chloasma, freckles, pigmentation and acne caused by endocrine disorders, and can make the skin white and tender. 

Strengthen resistance to sunlight and computer radiation to the skin. Regular consumption can delay skin aging and improve immunity.

 Relieve menstrual upset and reduce anemia in women. Redartful Plum tea is suggested be consumed one week before menstruation

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