NESTLADY Morchella 15g

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  • Most amount of vitamin D
  • Helps your bones get stronger
  • Low calories
  • Antioxidant
  • Make the immune system stronger
  • Liver protection 

Morchella or morel mushrooms are edilbe wild mushrooms that are known for their amazing taste and numerous culinary benefits. they are most common to appear in the beginning of the spring and mushroom and wilderness specialist know that it is a priceful mushroom! It’s known for have amazing taste and exceptional culinary properties!

Morchella has a huge amount of vitamin D. and is the mushroom that has the most amount of vitamin D! Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium wich helps your bones get stronger! Also those who have higher lvls of morchella are less likely to develop disease like: breast cancer, colon cancer, heart disease, depression. morchella gives you 34% of your daily required vitamin D! the other 66% is giving to you by your body when expose to the sunlight for a signifitcant amount of time! The reason morchella contains a huge amount of vitamin D is because of they’re exposure in the sun!

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