NESTLADY Lotus Leaf Rose Tea 20g

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  • loss weight,prevent fat absorption,stimulate metabolism.
  • Promote blood circulation, beauty and calming.
  • French rose tea can reduce internal heat, nourish Yin and beauty, regulate blood and Qi, promote blood circulation, nourish and beautify the skin, and alleviate fatigue. 
  • It also aids in wound healing and protects liver and gastrointestinal function. Long-term consumption also helps promote metabolism.

We only choose the lotus leaves from July to September. In these months, the lotus leaves grow most luxuriantly and absorb the best sunlight time, so the lotus leaf fragrance is also the strongest. There are many varieties of lotus, but generally there are white lotus and red lotus. The best choice is white lotus, which has a fresh taste and no bitterness. The lotus leaves of white lotus are generally thin, So we only choose wild lotus leaves as raw materials. Lotus leaf tea contains a variety of effective lipid-lowering alkaloids, which can effectively decompose the body's fat and strongly excrete it from the body. Prevent fat absorption and fat accumulation. It has a light fragrance of flowers and plants. It tastes fresh and greasy. With French Rose tea, the most advanced steam dried rose in Europe. Rose tea can reduce fire, regulate blood gas, promote blood circulation, beauty and beauty, eliminate fatigue, calm emotions, protect liver and stomach function, long-term drinking also helps to promote metabolism.

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