NESTLADY Mulberry Tea 65g

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  • Keeping the blood sugar levels,stimulates weight loss.
  • Obstructs an enzyme that digests the carbohydrates.
  • Mulberry can boost the body's immune system and has anti-aging, beauty-enhancing properties.
  • Delicious Ingredients: Mulberry fruit grains, 1 cup of hot or cold water, several ice cubes.
  • Nurturing Secret: This tea can quench thirst and has liver-protecting, vision-improving, and skin-whitening effects.
  • Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women, as well as those with allergies.

Mulberry tea is the tea which is extracted from the mulberry tree leaves. It is an inherent to Asia but now it is cultivated worldwide.  Improvement of vision, clearing liver, expels wind and clears heat. It also aids dizziness, dysentery, supports liver function, sustains youthful skin, cough and cold symptoms, promotes healthy blood, treats stomachache and strengthens eyes. Mulberry teas possess the minerals and vitamins which help to prevent the health ailments such as weight loss, diabetes, cold symptoms and blood vessel problems.

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