NestLady Four flavors of handmade flowers herbal brown sugar 150g

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  • 四种口味,十八道工序,纯手工古法熬制;
  • 益母草黑糖:调理痛经、月子保养最佳首选;
  • 玫瑰花黑糖:滋阴补血、消脂清肠;
  • 老姜黑糖:暖宫驱寒、补气养血;
  • 桂花黑糖:花香四溢,消除疲劳;排毒养颜呵护女性经期,
  • 每日冲泡1-2杯,缓解痛经症状。

NestLady relieves dysmenorrhea Detoxification

About NestLady relieves dysmenorrhea Detoxification


Brown sugar is a kind of sucrose that has not been highly purified, rich in sugar and minerals. It can accelerate the metabolism of skin cells, provide energy for cells, supplement nutrients, and promote regeneration. The brown sugar contains unique natural acids and pigment regulating substances, which can effectively regulate various pigment metabolism processes and balance the amount of pigment secretion and pigment distribution in the skin. Reduce abnormal accumulation of local pigments.

Because of the high nutritional value of brown sugar, it is suitable for all ages. Black sugar water helps women's menstruation smoothly. Drinking hot brown sugar water can warm the body, increase energy, activate blood and blood circulation, and speed up blood circulation. Menstruation will also be smoother. If a woman has problems with poor menstruation and abdominal pain, as long as the day before menstruation begins, Until the third day of the menstrual period, it can play the role of promoting blood circulation. Older people and children can supplement calcium, which is a drink for all ages.


1. For skin beauty: 6g brow sugar with rose tea, drink during the morning. 3~4 pieces are good.
2. Cold hands and feet: 6g brow sugar with ginger tea, drink during the morning. 3~4 pieces are good.
3. Dysmenorrhea: starting on the 2nd day before menstruation, each morning take 40 grams of brown sugar, with motherwort repeatedly brewing with boiling water. Drink until the end of menstruation.


it is strongly recommended to store the product in a cool dry area.


For patients with various eye diseases, it is necessary to reduce the eating amount.
Black sugar and cow milk cannot be eaten at the same time.

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