POLA B.A The Lotion 120ml

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  • The lotion is sucked into every corner of the skin with a thick feel that melts. It is an item representative of B.A that gives a feeling of firmness and elasticity that swells fresh.
  • Focusing on the ion balance of the stratumulum layer, we have adopted an epi-volume formulation that aims for firm skin that is full of life. By adjusting the ion balance of the stratumum layer, it protects the moisturizing that permeates the layer of water and gives a plump sense of firmness.

How to Use

  • After a wash or massage, take an appropriate amount (2 pushes) in your hand and gently blend in with the entire face.
  • Especially when you are concerned about the lack of firmness and dryness, during the care of the night, after blending the appropriate amount (2 push) to the entire face, please use to gently and carefully blend the appropriate amount (1 push) to the area to be worried about (eyes, mouth, etc.).
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